VoiPINOY is a new-generation communications telecommunications service provider and information technology company that provides cost-effective and customized high-grade systems solutions. Having one of the largest and most-advanced international networks, and strategic alliances extending around the world, we provide voice termination to any destination in the world at the most competitive prices. We are able to connect companies in need of high-quality voice calls worldwide, at a fraction of the retail commercial rates charged by local carriers.

Using voice over internet protocol technology, our servers located in three key geographic regions within the continental United States. East Coast, Central, and West Coast, each location serves the primary function of minimizing overall latency and intermediate hops (routers) as network traffic reach their destinations. Our class 5 TDM switch is intelligent to ensure high-grade, voice quality traffic management. Its fully redundant architecture ensures network reliability. We offer a variety of software and hardware solutions that can be scaled to suit the size of your business.

Easily deployable, our system makes international and intra-office communications simple and low-cost. Direct-dialing replaces long dialing replaces long dialing procedures. With our VOIP solutions, you can save as much as 75% on overseas communications costs, and totally eliminate charges for domestic long distance calls.

Our exceptional team is professionally-trained, committed, and determined to provide complete support to our customers.

For your telecommunications and information technology needs, choose VoiPINOY